MobilizeThe Foundation seeks to mobilize all possible resources to empower the youth, women, the marginalized and vulnerable members of the society

Advocacy We endeavor to be the voice of reason in advocacy for the rights of children, women and to be proactive in protecting and defending the said rights.

Changing the mindset Women, the youth and persons living with disabilities the world over have been made to believe that there are some job specifications that are not meant for them. Most of them have fallen into a state of despair in their quest to earn a livelihood with majority women taking subordinate roles in the society, the youth resorting to drugs and substance abuse and persons living with disability resorting to begging in the streets for their daily bread. Most of them are resigned to their states with little or no effort at seeking change. The foundation seeks to help them re-write their stories and history of defeat by making them believe in their power to change their stories and transforming their mindsets into instruments of success.

Leadership The youth and women form the majority of the world’s population and are therefore directly responsible for addressing socio-economic issues of the world. It is for this reason that The Macloud Foundation under its Mentorship programme for the Youth and Women seeks to empower them to be able to voice their concerns and be proactive in mitigating issues affecting the Youth and Women in our society. This can only become a reality if we support and encourage the youth and women to take up leadership positions and help push the agenda that gender is not a limiting factor!

Optimization The Foundation seeks to optimize home-grown resources to find solutions to socio-economic issues affecting the society

Uplift The Foundation has designed tailor-made programmes for poverty eradication and mitigation of socio-economic issues affecting the society. We seek to uplift the living standards of the vulnerable members of our society

Dignity In order for the girl-child to compete favorably with the boy-child, they need a level playing ground free from limiting factors. Girls from poor families often lose in on important opportunities especially when such opportunities come knocking at a time they are experiencing their monthly flow. Scores of girls in developing countries miss out on concepts taught during their absence from school due to menstruation related challenges. It is for this reason that the Foundation through the Dada programme seeks to protect the dignity and pride of the girl-child by helping them stay in school and achieve their optimal potentialities


The foundation seeks to create a sustainable environment in which community empowerment on matters health, gender and socio-economic factors shall thrive


A society that recognizes, acknowledges and endeavors to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms for sustainable development.


  • To empower socially and economically the youth and women and persons living with disability.
  • To support women to take up the mantles of leadership in key sectors.
  • To fight HIV/AIDS and other disease related stigma nad promote self acceptance and inclusivity
  • To nurture and develop talents among the youth
  • To advocate for the rights of children, youth and women in the society
  • To eradicate drugs and substance abuse
  • To provide home based care to the elderly in the community.


Happy Youth & Women


Food distributed


Supported ladies


Developing talents

Youth and women empowerment

  • Under youth and women empowerment programme, Macloud Foundation has supported 20 women with capital to expand their already existing business in Mumias West Sub County. This increased their stock, sales and cash flow. They are able to meet their basic needs such as food, clothing, medication and shelter. It also created employment opportunities for the women.

Food distribution programme

  • Under Food Distribution programme, Macloud Foundation identified 50 households (500 people), mostly widows who are undergoing difficulty to feed themselves due to the current global Covid-19 pandemic and distributed to them. The Foundation also provided face masks to 500 people in Mumias west Sub County.

Dada Programme

  • Under the Dada Programme, the foundation has supported 600 girls with sanitary pads during the Covid-19 pandemic. The foundation identified girls who come from poor households and whose parents can barely provide food for and enrolled them into the Sanitary pads distribution project.

Spot and develop Talent

  • Under Spot and develop Talent programme, the foundation provided branded T-shirts to a theatre group during their submission for the artist Covid-19 stimulus fund given by the government of Kenya through the Ministry of Sports and Heritage.


Our Great Team

Hassan Hamis


Esther Olewe

Deputy Director

Zillah Mwimali

Office Secretary

Madina Nandwa

Project Manager

Esther Ambale

Field Officer

Hadija Asman

Project Accountant

Hazina Kweyu

Community Trainers/volunteers


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